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Travel to Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia – a large province in eastern Spain – and is most known for its buildings designed by the world famous architect Antoni Gaudi. The city even won a price normally given as a personal price for architects due to the many extraordinary buildings in Barcelona. But, the city offers much more than just fancy buildings and odd angles. In Barcelona you can satisfy most of your vacation desires such as sun and bath, culture, sports and some excellent dining.


Barcelona offers a very good range of stores for people who plan on taking a quick shopping vacation, with prices ranging from cheap markets to exclusive designer stores. Strolling down the famous street La Rambla will not only give you the opportunity to see Barcelona in all its glory, you will have a memorable shopping tour among all street salesmen and odd boutiques.


In Barcelona you always have something fantastic to see, even if you just walk around without a plan. But there are a few highlights, not to be missed; Temple de la Sagrada Familia is one of the worlds most famous buildings, make sure you see it if you visit Barcelona.

There are several cultural sights in Barcelona, ask your hotel for in formation about things to see nearby.

Other daytime activities

For those who do not wish to either shop nor go on sightseeing, there are other things to do in Barcelona. One good example is the local football team; FC Barcelona, which is the cities contribution to La Liga – Spains highest division. A match at Camp Nou is something well worth to see, with some excellent football and some seriously dedicated fans.

Is sports isn’t your cup of tea, why not visit one of the largest aquariums in the world? Take a tour in an underwater tunnel and see sharks and other large fish swim above you. A fascinating experience at the least.


Barcelona offers a wide variety of bars, nightclubs and, of course, dining. While you can find most types of food, you should really try the local specialties; Tapas. Served as small hot or cold dishes, tapas is in itself not really a main course, but with a few beers or a glass of local wine it can make for a special evening.

Barcelona also offers a wide variety of theaters and other more sophisticated forms of entertainment as well as many clubs with live music. In most hotels they have good information about what to do in their city.


As with most major cities Barcelona offers accommodation in any price range. For those who wish to find a cheap bed and breakfast there are numerous of smaller hotels in the city, but there are of course plenty of luxurious hotels for those who’d rather stay at an expensive place.

Barcelona has something to offer for most travelers, so don’t miss this wonderful city when you are in Spain.