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A Holidy for Our Blended Family

I usually have my secretary handle my travel arrangements, but this time I wanted to do it myself. This was a very special holiday trip for us, because it would be the first as a blended family. My new wife and I along with our four children had never taken a vacation together before, so I wanted to look at the luxury Cabo rentals myself and find one that would be perfect for all of us. It did not take me long to find it, much to my surprise.

When I showed my wife the six bedroom beach house I wanted to rent for the six of us, she was nearly speechless. She told me that she could not have picked out a more perfect one herself for all of us. The main thing is that we each have our own bedroom. The sixth bedroom is for our housekeeper and her husband, who both graciously agreed to accompany us and help us out on this trip. There are 10 bathrooms so not only do we each get our own but there are several strategically placed around the house too. There is a pool, and it is right on the beach for anyone who wants to go swimming in the ocean.

The yard is beautiful, and there are several games that we can play with the kids out there. It is isolated so we all have our privacy, but it is also close enough to town to where we can drive there and do different things. We mainly want to just hang around the house and have fun, and we want the kids to get to know one another better too. I have a feeling that by the time we leave, the kids are going to be loving the idea of our blended family too!