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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Popular Honeymoon Destinations


Hawaii is not only a favorite honeymoon destination, but also a favorite wedding destination. Thus, if you live in the USA and are fond of trophical hillsides and long white sandy beaches, then you can go to Hawaii on your honeymoon. It is said that Hawaii caters to the newlyweds all things that they expect from their honeymoon destination.


Florida is also favorite destination to the newlyweds. If you go to Florida on your honeymoon, you will get everything from long stretches of sandy beaches to the night life of big cities. In Florida there are plenty of places like Florida Keys or Cocoa Beach where you can get to the ocean. If you love adventure, you can also go to Walt Disney World in Orlendo.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is also one of the best honeymoon locations of the world. The city has an option for every honeymoon vacation budget. You can dine at selected resort restaurants and night club cover fees. There are also many outdoor funs like the scenic trips to red rock mountain locations, golfing and desert hikes in Las Vegas. Whether in day or night there is always something to do in Las Vegas.

The Caribbean

Another popular honeymoon destination is the Caribbean islands. If you love seclusion and want endless water fun , you can easily opt for a trip to a Caribbean island, or multiple islands. Going to the Caribbean islands on your honeymoon will surely make a memory. If you visit the Caribbean islands you will not only visit a place but also be able to enjoy distinct cultural attractions.


In Mexico there are also a number of world class resorts for honeymoon goers. It has also become a populat honeymoon destination. The Mexican people are also very hospitable to the visitors. If you have a limited budget, still you can go to Mexico on your honeymoon.

Nottingham, UK

Given its central location – the city is well served by road, rail and air – it is no surprise that Nottingham is held in such esteem, and with a rich history steeped in folklore and legend the mystique of this fabulous town is further enhanced, but it’s not history that makes Nottingham stand out from the crowd – it’s fun!

Home to a widely eclectic selection of clubs and bars – from the very up to the minute Bar Circle, rated one of the city’s best nightclubs and always jumping to the more sedate and laid back nature of the famous Jongleurs Comedy Club, an institution in its own right – and places to eat, Nottingham is greatly enhanced by its diminutive size. This is not a sprawling city where you have to walk for miles between bars but a small and intimate location with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, a place where you can relax or party on to your heart’s desire.

Popular with hen and stag nights, Nottingham’s clubs offer great deals for parties and groups and the sheer variety means there will be something for everyone here. This is a university city after all, and catering for students means catering for all types!

The stag party might one to try the racy and thrilling Senoritas Table Dancing club, a place where inhibitions are left at the door, and for those drinks early in the evening there’s the comfort and familiarity of Yates’s Wine Lodge, while the lady’s may want to take in the dancing at Reflex, a superb and famed 80’s club where the music is always right up your street.

Nottingham is not just home to bars and clubs, and for those looking for a more engaging activity there is much more on offer: from karting at one of the many kart racing tracks or paint balling at a variety of venues, to many more exciting and fun filled activities, this is a city perfect for that stag weekend getaway. What could be more fun that partying at night and getting the adrenalin flowing through the day?

Accommodation in Nottingham is plentiful, and the choice is wide enough to accommodate any purse or wallet, while for those who wish to take a break from the action there is much here to satisfy the culture vulture.

Museums and galleries abound, and why not take in a well deserved pint in Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, said to be the oldest pub in the country and famous for a fine selection of ales and great food?

Nottingham really does have it all, and whether you are looking for an exciting, fun filled weekend break, an energetic night out or a relaxed meal and evening this is one city where you will find what you are looking for.


Holidays in Bali

In Bali you will see the amazing mixture of traditional culture with modern living. Here you will find their age-old customs, religion and culture besides the contemporary technological advancement. You will get a different taste of your Bali holiday if you love their cultural activities including their dance and drama programs.

There are a wide range of water sports for those enthusiastic about sports to choose from. Water skiing, swimming, snorkeling, banana boat riding, and parasailing are some of the most popular activities that youngsters can indulge in here in Bali. Opportunities for such activities are specially available in the areas of Beluga Marina un Tenjung Benoa.

There are many magnificient beaches at Bali like Sanur beach, Soka beach, Legian beach, Jimbaran,Nusa Dua and many more where you can pamper in wind and water surfing or other beach activities. Your holiday in Bali will be unforgettable when you have the picture of a haunting sunset in your mind. You can choose any of the above- mentioned places to see a great sunset, like the pervasive beaches.

To get the best from your Bali holiday you should not miss the temples which are also very popular among the tourists. As most of the people of Bali are Hindu, you will see temples all over the island from small one to village-sized.
In you want to spend a luxury holiday spa, Bali can also be considered. It offers exceptional services with modern aminities. You will be amazed seeing their lovely atmosphere. With their services you will really feel a new.

The flora and fauna of Bali is also another side that attracts many tourists. Besides it, the coast of Bali can be the perfect place for divers as the warm water of Bali is the home for variety of fishes, whale sharks and dolphines.
If you want to enjoy undisturbed Bali holidays, you should take a Bali holiday package. There are Bali holiday packages available throughout the year. There are also cheap Bali holiday packages. The packages are usually organized by the various tourist agencies. You can easily contact an online tourist agency for your Bali holiday.

Thus, if you are looking for a dream holiday destination for your family vacation or for honemoon, you can easily opt for Bali. A Bali holiday will be rare experience that may not fade away from your mind for many years.